China’s New Web Rules Condemned

There has been a lot of media attention focused on China’s new regulation policies of the internet, especially regarding Google as mentioned in this article. Now, China announced a new regulation requiring potential individual operators to submit a photo ID of themselves. Although China claims this regulation was implemented in order to regulate pornography, critics have suggested that it is to prevent and intimidate those who post information against the ruling Communist Party. What it comes down to is web censorship and who holds the rights.  Google was even considering pulling out of China due to cyber-attacks and Chinese government censorship over its search results. As the use of ICTs emerge and grow, it is inevitable that we will see more of these debates over censorship rights, especially in large countries and economies.


One response to “China’s New Web Rules Condemned

  • stinamurph

    The Great Firewall of China’s new regulations are a move in the wrong direction. According to US Secretary of State Clinton, “Countries that restrict free access to information or violate the basic rights of internet users risk walling themselves off from the progress of the next century.” Additionally, initiatives to implement identity card and photo requirements are another blatant attempt to scare off users. China’s stranglehold on the internet ensures political control. China claims its aims are to crack down on pornography but watch groups and the US government see right through it. Speaking of pornography, detaining 5,400 people last year for just watching it? C’mon China.

    Jesse Seng

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