Technology Breaking Barriers

Last week, we  discussed the the various barriers to accessing technology such as socioeconomic factors, age, and one’s mindset. Another important barrier is disabilities. I’ve had personal experience from watching my dad struggle with simple things such as writing an email because of his rheumatoid arthritis. However, technology has come a long way in order to aid those with disabilities. The article discusses one way in which technology, specifically the iPad, is being used as a therapeutic device for those with disabilities. It is a less expensive alternative to the specially made devices.  However, the article did point out that as easy as it was for Owen Cain to use the iPad, there were still some difficulties.

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2 responses to “Technology Breaking Barriers

  • stinamurph

    What a remarkable idea–I certainly never considered technology like the iPad to be used as a therapeutic aid. Part of the beauty of the remarkable speed of innovation is the subsequent decrease in cost as soon as a new technology emerges. Ten years ago the first generation iPod was released: 10gb for $400. Now you can by a 64gb iPod touch for that. Ten years from now it’s possible, frankly, highly likely, that the iPad could have greater circulation worldwide than the iPod does today.

  • stinamurph

    This is such an uplifting article. To think that a child who has struggled so much to survive is now intellectually and socially thriving thanks to an accessible piece of technology is amazing. The relative affordability of an iPad when compared to older, bulkier, and more costly devices illustrates a hopeful trend in new technologies. While this article focuses on the United States, an already developed country, it illustrates the remaining stratifications and inequalities within our own country. Using technologies to open new worlds to people seems like a great success for the concept of ICT4D.

    Jennifer Triplett

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