Every Woman, Every Child Initiative

Johnson and Johnson is partnered with the United Nations to improve the health of up to 150 million women a year in developing countries by 2015. The first year of the program has just concluded. The program includes ICT, especially through the use of mobile phones to connect mothers with healthcare providers and using the mobile phones to disseminate healthcare and childcare information. The program partners NGOs, government services and the private sector in an attempt to improve mortality rates and quality of life among women and children in LDCs.

In the first year, Johnson and Johnson has aided in several programs under the umbrella of the Every Woman, Every Child Program, including Mobile Alliance For Maternal Action (MAMA) – an initiative using mobile phones to deliver prenatal and post-birth health information to 15 million new and expectant mothers in the developing world through 2015.

Original Post by Meghan Spector


2 responses to “Every Woman, Every Child Initiative

  • jessicarschofield

    Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action’s ICT goals will have an immediate and practical impact. By providing women with mobile phones that they can use to call info centers instantly improves their chances of safely delivering the baby. A mobile phone with an expert on the other side of the line instantly transforms a woman with little to no experience into a knowledgeable individual who can be guided through the birthing process. Another goal of providing these women with phones could be to provide them with the phone numbers of midwives in their area so they can contact someone in the event that they need additional hands-on help.

    Original Comment by Jesse Seng

  • jessicarschofield

    Johnson and Johnson is a great program and they fund life saving and changing organizations. This mobile phone technology is another one of those projects. However, it does not say in the article how the women get the phones or how they get the program on that phone. There is also no explanation about a training program for the expecting mothers on how the application works. If all of these problems are addressed, as I would imagine they are then this mobile technology seems like it will be very successful and has the potential for a lot of growth.

    Original Comment by Hannah Smalley

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