Germany withholds Payment for Global Fund

This Al Jazeera article explains that Germany is withholding its annual payment of 270 million dollars to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, all of which are diseases that primarily affect developing nations. Germany is withholding its money until an investigation is made about where billions of dollars may have gone.
The issue of corruption in developing countries that make use of aid organizations is a big obstacle for international development. On the one hand, the Global Fund has delivered treatment to many people, and this reduction of funds will adversely impact their ability to continue doing so. However, it is also not fair to ask wealthier countries to continue to pump money into organizations that are meant to help, but that fall victim to corruption and fraud.
Original Post by Eliza Arnold

One response to “Germany withholds Payment for Global Fund

  • jessicarschofield

    While Germany’s withholding of funds in light of misuse makes some sense financially, I feel as if the move was rather drastic. The siphoning of funds in Mauritania and Mali is unfortunate to say the least, but the complete halt of funding to the Global Fund seems like a rash move that the article doesn’t lead me to believe was all that precipitated. The Global Fund should absolutely work to expand oversight and limit corruption in whatever ways they can, yet it seems like they could do a lot more with Germany’s money than after being penalized.

    Original Comment by Christina Murphy

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