mHealth & Diabetes in India

A diabetes awareness mhealth program is underway in India. Communicating through SMS, it aims to connect one million consumers via mobile text messages in the next two years in order to raise awareness about diabetes and its prevention.With the ever growing population in India it is especially important to spread awareness of prevention of noncommunicable diseases.

Original Post by Julian Guelig


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One response to “mHealth & Diabetes in India

  • jessicarschofield

    To start off with, I see a few possible pitfalls of this project. The messages would only be available to people wealthy enough to afford cell service and to people literate in the language in which the texts are composed. Additionally, text messages seem like a pretty limited avenue in which to convey health information since the texts must be quite short. However, some knowledge is better than others. The costs associated with managing diabetes and its complications are mountainous. Test strips, which must be used 3-7 times a day cost at least 50 cents each in the United States. Accordingly, this project would be successful in my mind if it can provide any amount of knowledge to any number of citizens regarding diabetes prevention.

    Original Comment by Jennifer Triplett

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