Bribespot is a mobile app for Android that allows people to submit reports of corruption and bribes. People can also submit reports on a website and instances are plotted on a map using Google maps API. The app has been downloaded 600 times. On the site, about 700 total reports have been submitted and visualized, from around the world. Bribespot adoption and use has been widespread in Lithuania. To help verify reports and strengthen accuracy, Bribespot staff manually check all incoming reports. First, reports should state a specific instance of a bribe. Second, no names or specific accusations against a particular individual are allowed; these are edited out. About 2 percent of incoming reports are inappropriate and deleted. Bribespot also monitors how many reports are submitted from a unique phone.

Issues with Bribespot:

  • Ushahidi already has a similar system in place and they can cater to people who do not own smart phones (although the benefit of the app is that people can view the map instantly with smart phones).
  • This info is not being sent to anyone who could potentially do something about it. The corruption is not addressed. The additional issue is that those accused of corruption could hack into the database and figure out who has been making reports about them.
  • Bribespot does not have a database security plan.


  • Good first step to bringing corruption cases to life. Hopefully a partnership can be created with anti-corruption groups and investigative journalists.

Original Post by Jesse Seng


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