Fall 2011 Student Contributors

Welcome to all students from the Fall 2011 IDEV 4100: ICT4D class!

Please post a comment to this post and introduce yourselves – this first entry will serve as a record of this semester’s blog contributors and help us kick off our blogging experiment!


About jessports

PhD candidate at Tulane University, studying ICT4D, M4D, and applications of technology in disasters and humanitarian aid. Proud member of the American Red Cross for 14+ years, focusing on international humanitarian law, disaster services technology, young professional engagement, and disaster volunteer training. Nerdy New Orleans cosplayer, lover of all things sci-fi, including Star Trek & Doctor Who. View all posts by jessports

14 responses to “Fall 2011 Student Contributors

  • jtriplet

    Hello all! My name is Jennifer Triplett, and I am a senior from Jackson, Mississippi. I am currently majoring in Classical Studies and International Development with a minor in Latin American Studies and expect to graduate in December of 2012. After I graduate, I plan on going to graduate school (probably law school) after taking some time off to go live in Chile. I would love a career in international development that focuses on improving health indicators in South America.

  • julianguelig

    Hey everyone! My name is Julian Guelig and I’m a junior from Wellsboro, PA (more or less the boonies of PA). I’m majoring in Economics and international development. I am planning to study abroad in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil next semester, which I can’t wait for. I’m not sure what I would like to do after graduation, but I will most likely look into the Peace Corps. So far there are many sectors of international development that I could see myself working in, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

  • stinamurph

    Hi class! I’m Christina Murphy and I’m a junior from central Massachusetts. My majors are in IDEV and International Relations with a possible minor in Film Studies. After Tulane I plan on studying law and hopefully working abroad in international human rights or international humanitarian law.

  • emswiet

    My name is Emily and I am a Senior at Tulane studying International Development and Anthropology. After graduation I plan on working abroad with a particular interest in economically empowering women through their art. I have lived in Chicago, New Orleans, and Dakar, Senegal.

  • suzannahschneider

    Hey I’m Suzannah! I’m a junior studying IDEV and Environmental Studies with a minor in Business. However, my true passion is food, and I hope to combine my zeal for sustainability and gastronomy after I graduate. I would love to get my master’s in Food Studies from NYU.

  • seyerd

    Hi. I’m David. I’m a senior studying economics and international development, with minors in chemistry and architecture. After Tulane, I’m hoping to take a much-needed respite to go climbing before starting medical school in the summer.

  • tchowdh

    Hi Everyone! I’m Tasneem and I am currently a Junior studying political science, economics, and international development. I am interested in the relationship between economics and politics, particulars economic policies related to development. While not the most technology savvy person, I am very interested to learn how ICT is aiding developing and bettering peoples’ lives.

  • daniellekraus

    Hi I’m Danielle. I’m a senior at Tulane majoring in Anthropology and International Development. I studied abroad in Prague in the fall of 2010, and though I’m not sure what type of career I want to pursue in the future, I love travelling and I can’t wait visit some new places after graduation.

  • ashleynfox

    I’m Ashley Fox and I’m a junior majoring in International Development & Political Economy with a minor in French. The part of IDEV I am most interested in is youth & education. Next semester, I’m studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal and I cannot wait. After graduation, I will most likely do the peace corps.

  • sarahmingli

    I’m Sarah and I’m a junior studying Economics and International Development. I’m from the Bay Area. I’m very interested in environmental economics. After graduation, I ideally would like to go to graduate school to get at least a masters in Natural Resource and Agricultural Economics or something related to that field.

  • lisapodo

    Hi! I’m Lisa and a senior at Tulane. I’m a double major in Environmental Studies and International Development. I have studied global health abroad in Costa Rica last year, and ultimately want to use my education in international development to work with tropical disease in underdeveloped areas of Latin America. Next year, I’ll hopefully be in med school somewhere!

  • alexquarles

    Hi! I’m Alex and I’m a senior at Tulane from Alexandria, Virginia. I’m a double major in International Development and Spanish. My focus is on educational development, and would love to pursue a career in education. I studied abroad in Granada, Spain last fall and plan on graduating this coming spring.

  • jessicarschofield

    Hi, I’m Jess! I’m a senior at Tulane majoring in International Development and Public Health. I spent some time in South Africa during the summer of 2010. Next year I am planning on attending graduate school to get my masters degree in epidemiology.

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