A New Tech Tool Resource for My Peers

Originally Posted on Blackboard by Emily Swietlik

This week I wanted to share some valuable technology tools with my fellow classmates. While I was doing research on different ICT initiatives in Mexico, I found a magazine dedicated to ICT4D that releases monthly issues with new discourses on information and communication technologies and how they are practically being implemented around the world. I like this website because it gives you access to the entire database of magazines for free. Articles date back to 2003, so it is useful in comparing how ICTs have changed over time with discussions of actual projects and changing mentalities on ICT4D. If you are ever at a loss for a topic on the discussion board, this website gives you many articles to choose from.

What better way to manifest what we have been learning in class than to use the internet and our discussion board to share information with my peers. I hope this aids your future posts, and further exploration of how we can use information and communication technologies to expand knowledge.

I4D Magazine


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