E-Learning Tools: UNESCO releases two CD-ROMs

UNESCO has created two CD-ROMs to be used as e-learning tools. One of the CD ROMS is directed to younger children from ages 3-13 and focuses on more basic language skills, mathematics, arts and graphics, computer literacy and Geography/astronomy. The second CD-ROM, which targets high school students, university students, educators and teacher trainers, concentrates on similar topics but on a more detailed level.

While this article doesn’t talk explicitly about the planned projection of this project, it could be easily implemented in any developing country that has access to computers. These tools could easily help facilitate learning, in places where other resources may be scarce. They could also be used to assist in teaching the students. Another benefit is that the CD-ROMs can be directly installed to a computer, therefore don’t require internet access and can be easily transferred to other computers.

To learn more about these CD-ROMs, click here.


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One response to “E-Learning Tools: UNESCO releases two CD-ROMs

  • jnseng

    One of my concerns is the number of languages the CDs have been translated into. The more the better. Also, is there a separate CD specifically intended for teachers? For parents? Or do they use the same CD as the students? It’s great that they can be used on any computer with a Windows operating system but are there plans to expand into other operating systems? Another concern is whether the CDs will work slowly or freeze if they are used on older computer models, the types that are often donated to schools in the developing world. I think it’s a great educational supplement and it’s impressive that all that information has been condensed into two CDs. And considering that many areas in the developing world lack or have wavering internet access, it’s great that the CDs do not need it.

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