The Relationship Between Education and ICT

I found a working paper about the relationship between ICT and education by the World Bank. One of the interesting points the makes is the way perceived this relationship between technology and education. Usually the technology is conceived first and then we try to find educational applications for it. However, it would be more productive to develop technology for the critical areas of education in which it is needed. The paper discusses some of the pitfalls in this relationship, but proposes some general principles in order to resolve those pitfalls. One of the more interesting obstacles the article addressed was the use of ICTs to help students teach themselves and thus eliminating the role of the teacher. We’ve all seen this form of technology through programs such as the Kahn Academy and the vast information found on the Internet in general. However, according to the paper there has been not strong evidence to support this idea of replacing teachers and promoting self-teaching. Finally, the paper ends with some general principles. Some these general principles are familiar to other areas of development as well such as emphasizing monitoring and evaluation and finding holistic approaches to the use of ICTs. One of the general principles is the idea of not putting your eggs in one basket. Technology is very costly and it is constantly changing. I like the idea that ” Educational priorities should drive technology choices — and not the reverse.”


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