Brunei’s First Social Media Meet Up

Brunei is a very small country located in Southeast Asia. Note it has only a tad over 400,000 people. Even though it is such a small country, social media is clearly becoming popular. According to some tweets quoted on the article, blogging is a way to connect the community. One of the session focused on enterprise with blogging. Dato Timothy emphasized the importance of connecting with the young people in Brunei because they will lead the country one day. The conference also seemed to have a very different vibe about it as one blogged:

“Another thing that thoroughly impressed me was how unlike normal conferences, where people just sat, listen, took notes and asked questions, this conference was where most sat, eyes on their smart devices (laptops, phones etc), tweeted what struck them throughout the sessions and asked questions ONLINE! Oddly enough, on this day when everyone had their fingers glued onto their keyboards/keypads/touchscreens, they weren’t being anti-social! In fact, it was pretty interactive as the questions posted and the number of votes were projected for all to see.”

For more information, click here.


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