Instant Knowledge Critique

For my generation, knowledge is at our fingertips. Literally. In the age of google, vast online databases, and the smartphone, tech-savvy individuals can find the answers to any question that flutters across their mind. What was the score of the last Saints game? What exactly is in a hand-grenade on Bourbon? What year did Katrina happen? While no question is a stupid question, does our reliance on these instant-knowledge technologies make us the stupid ones? Our ability to instantly pull up the internet to answer our questions eliminates the need to rack the inventory of our brains for the facts that we seek. Further, just as easily the information enters our mind, as soon as we put the iPhone away the knowledge parts too. Easy come, easy go.

In this video, comedian Pete Holmes critiques this same idea of “instant knowledge” and the implications it has on our generation’s actual intelligence. While our tools allow us to “know” so much, in reality, what do we actually come away “knowing?”


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I am a senior at Tulane studying International Development and Anthropology. After graduation, I hope to apply what I have learned in undergrad while working abroad and economically empowering women through their art. I have lived in Chicago, New Orleans, and Senegal. View all posts by emswiet

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