Apps for Development and StatPlanet

In April 2010 the World Bank launched it’s Open Data Initiative, which made an array of World Bank data sets open and available to the public via the web. As a part of this initiative, the World Bank also started the Apps for Development Competition, a challenge to global citizens to create software related to one or more of the Millennium Development Goals. Submissions included all types of software, the only requirement being that they use one or more data set from the World Bank Catalog. The winner was StatPlanet, an application which “aims to provide anyone – but in particular decision makers and policy makers – with a quick and easy interface to access the World Bank data, in a format that suits their needs or interests, even when Internet connectivity is not available.” As an IDEV nerd I have to admit that I had so much fun exploring this software, it’s available both online and as a desktop app and is really an extremely innovative tool for policymakers. Users can view any of the World Bank indicators in map or graph form, and of any year or nation where data is available, maps and graphs can also be viewed in video format to map growth over time.


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