ICT used to improve youth employability

A majority of the world’s youth live in the developing world. ICT can be used to improve the lives of these youths, but in the coming years as ICT booms, it will also be a major source for employment. For example, huge populations of young people in Sub-Saharan could currently benefit from and will soon will need employment. ICT will provide an outlet for that; however, it will blow right past the developing world if the youths do not receive proper training and education for ICT jobs. According to the article, barely 15% of the half a trillion dollar global IT-enabled services market, which is expected to treble to between US$1.5 and 1.6 trillion by 2020, has been tapped, according to the World Bank. Developing regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa reap the least rewards from this unprecedented opportunity for economic growth and skilled jobs. The fact that they experience higher youth and overall unemployment levels should serve as an impetus for creating an enabling environment for ICT innovation and expansion. In order for this to occur, school curriculums and youth centers will have to incorporate ICT training in order to improve the skills and employability of the nation’s youth. Additionally, this increase in ICT skills could enable youths to start their own businesses. http://www.ictworks.org/news/2011/11/07/ict-must-be-used-improving-employability-youth


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