Aiding Those Who Provide Aid: iMMAP and Oasis

iMMAP is an organization which stands for Information Management and Mine Action Programs. The purpose of the organization is to provide information management support to help guide and maximize the efforts of organizations providing relief aid. The organization started with working in post-conflict areas by evaluating the impact of landmines. Since then it has been involved in several post-disaster relief efforts such as the 2006 tsunamis and eartquakes in Southeast Asia. iMMAP has gathered and disseminated information regarding transportation, supplies, and locations for shelters to government organizations, non-profits, and NGOs providing humanitarian aid. One problem iMMAP observed was the increased level of danger for the organizations providing humanitarian aid in the post-conflict countries. It developed the Operations Activity Security Information System (OASIS), which seems to be a GIS tool similar to the Ushahidi tool. OASIS is a free information management tool which allows data sharing for the aid workers. People around the world are able to input data onto the map about the areas they are working as precautionary and warning advisory for others. If you are interested in seeing how the OASIS program works, please check out the link.


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