Esri and Thailand Flood Response

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Esri is one of the leading GIS softwares and is used in more than 300,000 organizations world wide. Esri is working with it’s equivalent in Thailand, Esri Thailand, to assist with flood response. They have their own disaster response team and they  also support other response organizations with application data, development, and technical support. Esri uses GIS to help first responders, emergency managers and others conduct rescue missions, provide infrastructure, evacuate areas, classify damaged areas, deliver supplies and prioritize recovery. Esri Thailand is also helping the government locate emergency calls and route emergency services as efficiently as possible.

Their response system even includes a social media web application available to the public and the media which allows people to follow events in real time using a map. It includes links to news reports, tweets, youtube videos, and other social media. People can also request assistance through the map.


One response to “Esri and Thailand Flood Response

  • daniellekraus

    If you look at my post this week, I also discussed flood response in Thailand, where a new android app has been developed that helps victims send in pictures of flooded areas. The pictures are geo-located and used by disaster relief agencies to get a sense of the damage of the flooding. It seems that in conjunction with Esri Thailand, the Thai government seems to be really working to incorporate ICTs into their disaster management plants. Esri seems to be an effective way for disaster relief teams to reach areas and need, and together with the droid app, victims could communicate to these teams where those areas are.

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