India Disaster Resource Network

India, one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, faces countless environmental threats including earthquakes, droughts, floods, and cyclones. With a major disaster striking the country every two to three years, the government of India has utilized ICTs in disaster management and has established the India Disaster Resource Network. Focused on preparedness, response, and mitigation, this tool seeks to address the biggest problem facing the nation, and others, when a disaster strikes – the ability to quickly mobilize equipment, human resources, aid, and critical supplies to the emergency area. Quick and efficient response is crucial when a disaster hits and any delayed action can result in increased loss of lives and livelihoods. This national initiative has established “an online inventory designed as a decision making tool for the Government administrators and crisis managers to coordinate effective emergency response operations in the shortest possible time”. The IDRN eliminates uncertainty and lack of knowledge regarding the whereabouts of important resources in neighboring areas and has resulted in more effective and efficient decision making. The resource has been decentralized and is currently being managed by districts, and inventory is being updated within each district quarterly.


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