One Laptop Per Child Evaluation

Chris Blattman recently posted an excerpt from an Evaluation of One Laptop per Child in Peru. Unfortunately the link to the actual evaluation has been disabled, so I am not sure what type of evaluation it was or who preformed it but I still found the excerpt interesting:

…teachers report frequent use at school and about half of students report to take it home. Students in general master basic operation of the laptop.

Results indicate no impacts on students’ attendance and time use. Similarly, expectations by teachers and parents about students’ future educational achievements have not been altered.

Unexpectedly, the program seems to have reduced motivation by students related to traditional school activities.

There are no impacts in Math and Language learning, an expected result given the short exposure (three months).

I find it extremely interesting that it was reported that students using laptops were less motivated to do regular school activities. I think that this laptop phenomenon could be seen at Tulane as well.


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