Lessons Learned: ICT4D

The most salient lesson I’ve learned in this course has been the importance of using technology appropriate for the citizens using it. This is true regardless of speaking about the health, education, government, or economic sector. Many times amazing technology is created that does indeed solve the problem at hand, however too often times, the technology is beyond reasonable use for the audience using it. Creating new smart phone apps can be great, but if the citizens can’t afford smart phones, or access to the internet, the project can be meaningless.

Personally, I had never been a large proponent of technology, and came into this class, to be frank, largely uninterested. I have always been your average American college student, using my computer for Blackboard, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. I have a smart phone, but mostly used it for games and e-mail access on my phone. However, coming out of this class, I have a much greater appreciation for the applications of technology in development. Finally, in the future, I would like to further look into how technology can be used for conservation purposes and environmental development.


One response to “Lessons Learned: ICT4D

  • suzannahschneider

    Lisa I absolutely agree with you. Technology can make a huge impact on society, but if it cannot be easily utilized to its full potential then it has no value. This is in line with my post on being completely informed before beginning a project. All stakeholders must be considered when implementing anything that can create change. This includes true needs and abilities of the targeted users. Additionally, I felt the same way when I came into this IDEV class. I was curious to know more and to see what all was out there in the way of ICT4D, but I was not interested in the more complex uses of technology. I still struggle to understand the more difficult topics, but I could not imagine development without the use of technology. There are so many vital tools, like GIS and solar-powered cell phone chargers, that have the power to create positive change ad growth for developing countries.

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