Early Warning Network System

Invisible Children has created the Early Warning Network System. It involves the installation of new high frequency radios to help track the Lord’s Resistance Army. Now people living in remote areas without phones can report attacks using the new radios. Also, through FM radio broadcasts and community-based defection fliers, Invisible Children will be sending “Come Home” messages directly to LRA members. All that information is relayed to their Ushahidi styled website. The LRA Crisis Tracker makes attack information publicly available through a digital map, a breaking newsfeed, regular data-analysis reports, and a mobile application—all of which can be found at LRACrisisTracker.com.

There are many strengths and weaknesses to this project. The Early Warning Network System now connects remote villages and leaves them with time to prepare for the LRA. The LRA Crisis Tracker puts up reports in real time the NGOs and Congolese military can use to pursue the LRA. The concerns about the project are its durability. Because of the budget, the “radio towers” are only radios attached to the tallest tree branch. This makes them susceptible to weather and security threats.


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