World Bank has a 70% Failure Rate

This article discusses how developing nations  have rapidly been growing in terms of information and communication technologies, they are still seeing great problems in relation to high-speed internet access and broadband connectivity. In result, the World Bank has seen a 70% failure rate when it comes to ICT projects. Some of the ways that the World Bank has tried to recently promote ICT initiatives to better communication technologies in underdeveloped nations are through ICT sector reform, access to information infrastructure, ICT skills development, and ICT applications. Through such initiatives, the World Bank was shown to be one of the largest financiers in telecommunications within poor underdeveloped nations. Nevertheless, in “regarding efforts to promote universal access, targeted World Bank ICT projects with the objective to directly promote target access for the underserved and the poor had limited success; only 30 percent have achieved their objectives of implementing universal access policies or increasing ICT access for the poor or underserved areas. Bank operations to promote universal access often were slow to get off the ground and were superseded by the rollout of mobile phone networks by the private sector, in some cases supported by Bank sector reform” ( Although the World Bank has seen failure, it is important to remember how they have also achieved great parts of their initiatives to better information and communication technologies, in hopes that they will continue to improve in order to increase development within developing nations.


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