In our e-governance presentation on Wednesday I briefly mentioned how the internet could be used to bypass interactions that would often result in a bribe being paid. Now, the internet is saving the day again! A website called ipaidabribe.com allows users to anonymously post about having to pay a bribe, exposing corruption from government officials. The site is based in India, but others like it have popped up in other regions.

The site: ipaidabribe.com

Article: Web Sites Shine Light on Petty Bribery


3 responses to “ipaidabribe.com

  • wstewar

    I think this website is great because it provides people an outlet to complain about abuses of the law without putting themselves at risk. Police corruption is a serious and prevalent problem in many third world countries. However, I hope that this website itself is not abused and used to accuse policemen who are doing their job well.

  • acarbone

    Wow! Lets hope anybody who posts to this website is smart enough to block their IP/MAC address, or at least thought ahead to use a public computer. Anonymous isn’t always what it sounds like.

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