Social Media: KONY 2012

“Ugandans from Lira watch the premiere of ‘Kony 2012,’ a 30-minute YouTube film created by the nonprofit Invisible Children. Lira was one of the areas that was ravaged by 20 years of Joseph Kony’s rebellion.”

A recent MSNBC article reported the delay in the release of the sequel to the original KONY 2012 video that was posted over a month ago.  While it was supposed to have been released on April 3, it has been pushed back to April 5 due to time and budget issues.  After the widespread awareness of the first video, with more than 86 million viewers worldwide on YouTube, Invisible Children has decided to come out with a sequel.  The founders of Invisible Children relied mainly on social media efforts to get their video across worldwide and have done the same for this upcoming video.

Yet, similar to some of the criticisms they received during the first video, many people believe that this second video will arise some of the same questions.  As mentioned in Ethan Zuckerman’s article, Unpacking Kony 2012, one of the criticisms faced is that the campaign greatly oversimplifies the conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. Also, another issue he pointed out was that only about a third of their money goes to Uganda, whereas the rest is used up in filmmaking and other social media efforts to spread awareness.  Moreover, another concern is that much of the perspective on the KONY 2012 situation through websites such as Facebook and Twitter are not from the marginalized population of Uganda but more from American societies and it’s youth (Boyd).  Often, the video causes the marginalized population to feel more helpless than they actually are.  These concerns are important to notice with all social media efforts.

Despite these concerns, though, Invisible Children still plans to release the sequel.  In the video, they hope to mention their “Cover the Night” event, an awareness campaign on the situation.  Since no major public appearances were made after the first video, Invisible Children hopes the sequel will be the next step at creating further awareness of the KONY 2012 issue.

Source: MSNBC Article ; Ethan Zuckerman: “Unpacking Kony 2012”; Boyd’s Article 


3 responses to “Social Media: KONY 2012

  • paigewolff

    What on Earth could Invisible Children come out and say to convince anyone who has actually looked into the matter that they are an organization worthy of trust or investment? Their entire approach was conniving, unrepresentative, and too little too late! At the very least, I hope they acknowledge their yellow journalism and attempt to erase the damage they’ve already created. Rather than funneling funds into another fancy, high-tech video, perhaps they ought to give the money they’ve raised to local Ugandan organizations that are working to address legitimate community challenges without the reliance upon U.S. celebrities and politicians.

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  • wstewar

    I am interested in watching this second video. I hope that they are able to address the concerns that the ICT4D community has raised in regards to the video. I’m still unsure of where my opinion towards Invisible Children falls but I think that they have some potential to resolve some informational issues from the first video. Either that, or this is yet another publicity stunt designed to garner more press, and therefore potential resources for IC’s sustainability.

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