E-brokerages Tap Social Media for Faster Service

Social media is beginning to not only impact people in a leisurely aspect but is affecting operations of some of the largest businesses that exist.  Tom LaScola sent out a Tweet to his 5,000 followers about the problems he encountered regarding setting up a new TD Ameritrade account.  Minutes later to his surprise, the company (who wasn’t one of his followers) tweeted LaScola with an apology and direct number to contact about resolving his problems.

Other financial companies are also monitoring social media outlets for mentions of their business in order to improve customer service, sales and any other department that is being mentioned in customer Tweets.  A few of these companies include: TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, and Schwab.

I think that this use of social media is beneficial in many ways.  Not only does it help companies get feedback and improve, but it creates a new sector in the corporate world.  There are now new positions for people who have specialized social media skills.  Lastly, the most important development aspect of social media is that is allows for quicker and better communication on a global scale.

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