Kony 2012 from the Perspective of Another Nonprofit

John Travis, co-founder of Drop in the Bucket, a non-profit organization devoted to the construction of wells and establishment of sanitation systems in African schools, published an article today entitled, “Kony 2012: Why It Worked”. Prefacing the body of his article analyzing why the video was a successful use of social media, Travis outlines the two sides of the campaign, and defends the opinions of both sides, asserting that it is impossible not to become impassioned about a matter involving the intentional and deliberate harm of children.

Travis makes several important points addressing the success of this video campaign. First, the message of this video was more effective than any of the previous attempts Invisible Children has made in the past. It was a simple (some claim too simple), direct and inspiring message which resonated with many more people than ever before. While many of the “facts” Invisible Children claimed to be true in this video are inaccurate, a mistake they have been highly criticized for, Travis maintains that in the thirty minutes the organization had to relay their message, they certainly made an impact and delivered a memorable and and more easy to understand message, despite some inaccuracies.

Travis concludes that Invisible Children did have some successes, including the fact that because of their campaigning, great numbers of people around the world have become aware of the nation of Uganda, and its struggles because of, and since, the terror inflicted by Kony and the LRA. However, Travis after showing thanks to Invisible Children in that regard, he then continues to request to the reader not to participate in the day of action, April 20th, as advertised in the video. He asks this from the position of a person close to many people affected by Kony and his violence, and out of respect for them, especially those currently living in the US as a result of the death, violence and forced removal from the country. Instead, he merely asks that you educate yourself. Find out more about what is going on in Uganda now, and consider contributing your money to an organization devoted to helping the Ugandans with their current struggles. Look toward the future, instead of the past.

Here is an article on why Kony 2012 worked.


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