Networking for Development Efforts was founded in 2005 by Katrin Verclas and Marty Kearns, officially convening for the first time at a conference that brought 40 of the top mobile activists in the world together in Toronto, Canada. It started off as a unique project branching off of the Green Media Toolshed. is the worldwide leading resource for the use of mobile phone technology for development and social change. The organization is devoted to facilitating the use and improving the potential benefits of the mobile device for NGOs and other organizations devoted to development. The organization consists of technology specialists, non-governmental organization staff, development activists, content and service providers, academics and donors.

Their goals include reducing the learning costs to implement mobile technology, provide effective and relevant strategies for the use of mobile technology in development plans, spreading accessibility and knowledge about the use of mobile technology in “making the world a better place”, and providing assistance in the construction of a platform to facilitate relationships moving in the direction of development.

They help connect people throughout the world both online and by through participatory events, conduct research, provide consulting in the field, and carry out work to increase the use of cell phones for development purposes. This sharing of resources and experiences is possible by the upkeep of a network connecting over 20,000 people internationally, as well as an online center of mobile applications, strategies, research and other resources.

I believe this organization is essential in the spread of mobile technology as a main resource of development. Each month, it holds panels and discussions facilitating the sharing of information, opinions, resources and experiences. This communication is one of the most important factors in the success of development projects throughout the world. I believe the networking provided by will be instrumental in all development efforts of the future.

Here is Mobile Active’s website.


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