Dodd backtracks, says anti-piracy bill SOPA is ‘dead’ and ‘gone’

As the Internet and other technologies grow and expand, privacy concerns are brought to attention.  In the past year, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been one of the biggest topics of debate in the U.S.  While Hollywood is concerned about their revenues decreasing from online piracy, the majority of Internet users are more concerned about their privacy that could essentially be taken away if SOPA were too pass and be implemented.

Fear no more, because the latest news is that the SOPA act is “dead and gone.”  Chris Dodd, former senator and current chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, originally suggested that legislation be reworked for another round in Congress, but he has now taken that idea back and regrets to have to say that SOPA is no more.  Although, there has been talk about negotiations on new language for the anti-piracy bill, nothing more has developed.

Privacy concerns have always been an important issue in the U.S.where we base our values off freedom.  This was exemplified greatly on “Internet Blackout Day,” the protest led by Google and other Internet companies.  The online protest majorly contributed to the House and Senate’s decision to pull SOPA from its calendars.  These actions not only show how much we value our privacy on the Internet, but that the Internet can be an effective source even in regards to legislation.  I believe that SOPA is just the start of Internet trials and tribulations, because it is so mainstream and hard to regulate.  While our privacy can be breached easily on the web, we still have much control over what personal information of ours is out there.


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