Facebook Reads Your Text Messages?

According to one pay-walled report by The Sunday London Times Facebook is one of many smartphone apps that can access personal information on your phone, including text messages [1]. The company has admitted to the fact and stated they want to collect this information to help them trial their own messaging service [2].One representative of Facebook stated, “The permission is clearly disclosed on the app page in the Android marketplace and is in anticipation of new features that enable users to integrate Facebook features with their texts” [3]. As if we don’t get enough exposure to Facebook as it is.

After this information was initially released there was a huge clamor over the Internet relating to this issue. Facebook went on to deny ever using this feature even though it is in your contract agreement [4]. The purpose of this permission is for the launching on another app that wants to connect Facebook with your SMS. One representative said, “The Sunday Times has done some creative conspiracy theorizing but the suggestion that we’re secretly reading people’s text is ridiculous.” Apple has also stated they will mend this by requiring explicit consent before accessing the data [5].

Many other companies were accused of using their apps to access your personal data, including Flickr and Yahoo Messenger (table follows). Some can even INTERCEPT PHONE CALLS according to the report, and most frightening of all YouTube and others can take photographs and videos by remotely accessing your smartphone [2].

Due to the fact that many of these products are free they “pay” for your use by accessing your information.

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Table from Citation 5.


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