The Calyx Institute

While we were in class on Wednesday I mentioned the explosion of internet interest that occurred while we were in our seats.  At 4:00am on April 11th,  CNET posted an article detailing the plans of The Calyx Institute, an internet service provider dedicated to protecting the privacy of its clients.

The ISP would not merely employ every technological means at its disposal, including encryption and limited logging, to protect its customers. It would also — and in practice this is likely more important — challenge government surveillance demands of dubious legality or constitutionality. -CNET

Now, Calyx Institute representative  Nick Merrill is certainly not making any friends by challenging every major telecommunications corporation in the country in addition to local police, and the FBI, but his fight is one that is on the minds of internet users everywhere. So, if you believe that individuals are entitled to the same privacy on the internet that they are outside of it, The Calyx Institute is the non-profit telecom provider for you. Actually, priced at $20 a month with no limits on data usage (like those being implemented across the nation), the Calyx Institute would easily be one of the best ISPs in the US.

Merrill received such high levels of interest from internet communities, that he created a page at Indiegogo to raise funding. The page was created just before our class was started, but by the end he had raised over $2000 from individuals. However, starting an ISP is not an easy task and will require millions of dollars for the Calyx Institute, so donate and spread the word to show your support and maybe Calyx will catch the eye of some institutional investors.

CNET Article

Reddit Post


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