Recently, the blog post Threat Geek introduced a new weekly series of comics poking fun at the various threats seen over the internet.  Threat Geek is a blog run by Fidelis Security Systems, a market leader in network security.  The first posting is of a hacker and a Viking in a bar…

Personally, I don’t really get it.  But I assume it’s making fun of a security analyst as he plays a game like World of Warcraft.

While this cartoon and the ones that are likely to follow do not directly deal with ICT4D, the ideas behind their creation could prove valuable to ICT4D start-ups.  Creating a light humorous atmosphere could encourage those interested in ICT’s to further their careers in the field.  The idea of making a more user-friendly system is also seen in the efforts of iHub in Nairobi, which works to create an enjoyable atmosphere to encourage young Kenyan techies to explore ICTs and development new technologies.  With all the importance that we in class, and those in the ICT4D field have placed on security, innovation, and all aspects of ICT’s, it is important to create an environment conducive to learning and exploration.  Cartoons making fun of the geeks, made by the geeks, that work to make the internet a better and safer place may just be a way to encourage more people to explore all that is available to them.


One response to “ThreatToons

  • ssimon1

    This is an interesting post, and it shows that cyber security threats are as real as any other threat, especially if it is well-known enough to be satirized. I think in this specific cartoon, the point is to show that the skinny computer nerd is capable of “raiding, looting, and pillaging” through his laptop just as the viking next to him did to physical places. This shows the real, somewhat invisible, threat that our electronic world faces.

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