ICT4D Professional Profile: Kim Stephens

Kim Stephens is the lead blogger of iDisaster 2.0, a popular word press account (iDisaster2.0) that aims to inform subscribers of topics such as emergency management, communication technologies, homeland security, social media, and a plethora of additional topics.  Kim is assisted by Claire B. Rubin–the founder of Claire B. Rubin & Associates–where the pair worked together as research associates for two years.  The firm specializes in research and consulting in the fields of emergency management and homeland security, working to serve clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.  It has produced a series of educational products, books, and services.  After leaving Claire B. Rubin & Associates, Kim was appointed senior associate at ABT Associates, where she works on a team that strives to help customers via research, technical assistance, and consulting services.

Kim was lead to a career in ICT4D because of her interest in how “social media and information technologies will change emergency management for the better,” according to her twitter page.  She has over a decade of experience as both a researcher and as a practitioner in the field of emergency management and has worked with federal, local, and non-governmental groups.  After earning her master’s degree in Public Administration from Texas A&M, Kim focused on the “application of social media to the practice of emergency management in the public sector.”  She focuses on the challenges that those in this sector may face when “employing new information communications technologies before, during, and after a crisis.”  Kim recently developed social media training for the 2011 Readiness in Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) grantees and has been in correspondence with several emergency management groups at universities in efforts to research the use of social media for crisis communications in a collegiate setting.

Here is her LinkedIn.

Here is her Twitter account.



One response to “ICT4D Professional Profile: Kim Stephens

  • msingh2

    I think the work that Kim does in the ICT4D field is one to be commended for. I feel as if one of the hardest parts of planning ICT4D initiatives is during emergencies and natural disasters because things are very disorganized and actions have to be taken immediately. Furthermore, various types of social media have become widely spread across the world and have the capability of spreading information instantly. I think using this advantage of social media to help with disaster and crisis relief efforts is a area that can be developed much more in the ICT4D field.

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