ICT4D Professional Profile: Paul Currion

Paul Currion is a very influential man in the field of ICT4D. Although he does a lot of things, he mainly focuses on working towards post-conflict and disaster relief by incorporating ICTs into response efforts. He believes that they have the ability to strengthen response efforts when a disaster strikes by collaborating efforts and information. He has a very broad educational background with degrees in both African Studies and Architecture as well as training in Cluster coordination and information management, Logical Framework Analysis, International Humanitarian Law and Media Relations.

Being a disaster relief professional, Mr. Currion does not have a particular geographic area of focus. Thus, he works wherever he is needed during a time of conflict or disaster. He has a very impressive resume working in the field all over the world. He managed Humanitarian Information Centres (HICs) in Liberia, Cyprus, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Kosovo in order to deliver ICT products and services in these post-conflict regions. He also worked in Georgia and Bangladesh as information manager for the WASH Cluster, a UNICEF project to improve the efficiency of water, sanitation and hygiene. When he is not abroad, Mr. Currion still continues to improve ICT4D in disaster and post-conflict relief. His ICT work specializes in the use of social media and networking because he believes that the sharing of ideas is essential for the most effective implementation of relief efforts. Some of his most impressive social media work has been helping to create the Aid Workers Network which is one of the first social networking sites for aid workers used to share ideas, advice and resources with each other. He also helped to create ISCRAM, which is a social platform used in the academic community focusing on technology in disaster response.

Paul Currion represents a true thought leader and user of everything he promotes, as he uses social media as a way to share many of his ideas. His main thought platform is one of his blogs.  He blogs about many things concerning the humanitarian sector of ICT4D and gives his opinions as well as advice on how organizations can better their tactics in order to implement projects more efficiently, sustainably, and in a more dignified manner. Mr. Currion is also a vivid user of twitter. He uses his twitter to tweet about his personal take on music and popular culture but also tweets about things relating to his blog as well as re-tweeting other important ICT4D professionals. All in all, Paul Currion is a great man who has done amazing things in the use of ICTs with disaster and post-conflict relief. Judging by the amount of work he has done in the past, there is no doubt that he will continue to do amazing things in the future.


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