ICT4D Professional Profile: Wayan Vota

Wayan Vota is a senior director at Inveneo who maintains a few different ICT4D blogs and websites: Wayan Dot Com, ICTWorks, Educational Technology Debate, Technology Salon, OLPC News and Belly Button Window. Wayan has worked in a lot of different ICT4D sectors but now works in education. He focuses a lot of OLPC and the different benefits and flaws of the project.
Wayan is really involved in social media. He tweets frequently and likes to use social media to aid in his presentations and speeches at conferences. For example, for ICISTS-KAIST, he asked his blog readers to submit links, topics, articles, etc. to him for his discussion about the digital divide. He asked them to submit their suggestions via Twitter using #ICISTS.  He also uses social media frequently to run Technology Salon and to interact with the ICT4D community.
Wayan had three suggestions for securing a job in ICT4D: start making contacts, go on informational interviews and blog about ICT4D. I’ve always known that making contacts/networking is essential to securing a job, and blogging obviously helps you to become more well-known. However I had never heard of informational interviews and didn’t realize that it was something that people did often. I think it sounds really helpful and might try it in the future.

3 responses to “ICT4D Professional Profile: Wayan Vota

  • etherspace

    It is nice to see someone in ICT4D giving advice on how to secure a job in their field. I love what I study, but finding a desirable job after I graduate is somewhat of a concern of mine. It makes sense that in such a tight community of though leaders and professionals, making the right contacts would be key. I could see how blagging would be such a good idea. It a way of becoming involved in the ICT4D community.

  • wstewar

    Networking is definitely a skill that is very important in any field today, especially with such interconnectivity available through the technologies that we are promoting in this particular field (it is information and COMMUNICATION technology, after all.)

    Glad that blogging is on the list. Check!

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