Australia’s Digital Divide

According to an article for Pro Bono Australia, “More Aussies Online But Digital Divide Remains,” a recent survey shows that 86% of Australians are now online, putting the country on the same level as Sweden in internet use. This data shows that Australians have become more and more of a presence on the internet and are now using the internet as a resource in day-to-day activities. But not all Australians are getting online. According to this article by Adam Bender for PC Advisor, many rural Australians do not have the resources to get online. Rural communities have broadband coverage but have poor data speeds and poor technological infrastructure. This is a problem because as the rest of the country moves forward and many services become web-based, it is becoming more and more important for Australians to be able to get online. In rural Australia, it is now imperative for communities to be able to get online so that it will be possible in the future to bridge the digital gap.



2 responses to “Australia’s Digital Divide

  • janinewilkin

    Although Australia is considered an advanced economy and is grouped with Sweden and the United States for being at the forefront of the technological revolution, it is interesting to read this article which reveals the divide within such an advanced country itself. This signals a larger disparity worldwide when comparisons are made at the country level. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia last semester. As I was living in Melbourne for almost 6 months, I was aware of how advanced the city was technologically. I also had the opportunity to travel quite a bit during my time there. I witnessed the digital divide between rural and urban areas first hand.

  • gmizrahi

    This is very similar to my post about the digital divide within the United States. Although both of these countries are developed, there is still a digital divide that exists. These similarities prove that this is a far-spreading phenomenon amongst the developed world, not just in one country.

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