InsightsAfrica: Explore the Media Habits of Consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa

InsightsAfrica provides online behavior data about urban consumers of Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda.  Internet usage is becoming increasingly widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa.  For two years now, the market research firm Basis Research Ltd has worked with Google to collect and evaluate data on public opinion with regards to the Internet.

As we discussed in class, knowledge is considered by many to be a commodity.  One of the great things about this project is that it works to make this information accessible in multiple ways.  The data is both easy to access and easy to comprehend.

This project is important because it addresses multiple issues that we discussed in class regarding the digital divide.  They interviewed over 13,000 people in urban areas to gather information about internet usage, and for those interviewees who did not use the internet, what the barriers to access were. Additionally, this data is very useful to entrepreneurs, and will make it easier for businesses to succeed in these areas.


One response to “InsightsAfrica: Explore the Media Habits of Consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • katy11hermann

    I completely agree that this is such useful data for both consumers and businesses in Africa. As we have seen in our own country, the data collected about our internet use has extreme effects on what advertisements we see, how marketing has changed, and how businesses must today adapt to using internet strategies to gain costumers. I am interested to see how this data will be used in Africa and how it will differ from countries where using the internet is more prevalent. The potential for new business on the continent is outstanding and could be greatly finessed by understanding what consumers are looking at.

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