Personal opinion about Tim Unwin’s Introduction

I agree with the points made in the introduction by Tim Unwin that ICTs are not enough to make a global difference.  ICTs are aware of the problems, but when it comes down to it, ICT4D makes the difference with the solution -at least strategies and plans- to overcome the digital divide that is so prevalent in the world today.  I believe that globalization has not been beneficial to all countries.  The developed countries are able to exploit the resources in the developing countries because they have no choice.  Of course, there are regulations enforced by the WTO and other multi-national corporations, but it is important to empower the developing countries with ICT4D to make them self-sustaining.  In order to narrow the digital gap, it is crucial to have cooperation among government, civil society, and the global actors (social entrepreneurs, multi-organizations, investors) and to be mission-driven. It is inadequate to bring them just accessibility but also imperative to teach them how to use their newly acquired resources. It is the only way to give developing countries a fair chance on the global field.


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