Video on the Role of Mobile Technology in Achieving MDGs

Click Here for a Youtube Video on the Role of Mobile Technology in Achieving MDGs

Through our reading of Heeks we saw a critique of the role that ITs were playing in being able to achieve the Millenium Development Goals.  Konstantinos Tzingakis, working in development, makes many similar points to Heeks on what is occurring through the development world over the use of ITs. For instance, Heeks often mentioned the marginalization of ITs, and Tzingakis agrees, stating “The role of technologies is often underestimated.  The reality is technology is not necessarily a separate tool, as we’ve often referred to it as, but rather a means to achieve what we need to do.”

Also, Tzingakis answers some direct criticisms of the use of ITs in the MDGs, such as the question of whether the infrastructure and bureaucracy will allow for these ITs to make any meaningful contribution.  In my opinion, he does not adequately answer this question, and his view is very optimistic, claiming that broadband is spreading rapidly, and this should not be a big problem.  Rather, I believe a more reasonable argument is made in the Heeks reading, regarding the idea that we should not push ITs that there is no infrastructure for, but to use that technologies already adapted by the countries, and expand on them.


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