Is the UN Really Trying to Take Over the Internet?

Internet governance is a hot topic now, in this time before the International Telecommunication Union’s Dubai conference. At the conference, the principles governing the way international voice and data are trafficked will be discussed, in order to revise the 1988 global treaty.

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) was founded in 1865 and is an arm of the UN today. As one of the oldest intergovernmental organizations, it wishes to remain relevant today and to develop technical standards to promote interconnectivity and improve telecommunication access for all. 193 ITU member states are invited to this conference, as well as some UN bodies and related IGOs.It should be noted that civil society, academics and technical representatives are absent.

As technology has created a sense of transparency and openness, ITU has remained closed.

Here are some of the changes the treaty might wish to bring about.

1. Hand over much more control to governments so they can more easily control internet use and legitimize more censorship.

2. ITU start regulating internet content anf have say on decisions regarding privacy.

3. Some countries wish to charge based on country borders.

4. The ITU might replace the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

No government or IGO is able to make decisions fast enough to respond to the demands of the internet. How should it be regulated by organizations globally who relate it to the developments of their countries? The 1988 treaty is certainly out of date, but how should it be freshened?


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