Report on African Broadband Speeds

  • According to an article in TechLoy, a  recent report came out showing the top ten broadband speeds by country in Africa
  • The report was by Ookla, the foremost organization in broadband testing. Ookla used its Netindex, where consumers ranked download speeds around the globe
  • In Ookla’s overall Netindex, European and Asian countries seem to lead other areas of the globe in broadband speeds, with Hong Kong having the highest broadband speed overall of 42.07Mbps
  • The top African country was Ghana, with a broadband speed of 5.14Mbps followed by Kenya, Angola, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia (in that order)
  • Although Ghana had the fastest broadband speed in all of Africa, it was only ranked 73rd globally
  • This shows that Africa is behind on broadband speed and providing fast internet access to populations
  • The African continent has the fastest growing population in the world and needs to step up in terms of internet access
  • Africa also has a fast growing number of internet users, and if the internet is not accessible in an efficient way this could stunt the growth of ICTs on the continent
  • In order to achieve faster broadband speeds, African governments need to work on infrastructure to rural areas
  • Ookla’s Webindex is a great way to find out the broadband speeds of various countries so we can learn how ICT4D is working on a national level


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