Online Livestock Marketing in Zimbabwe

I just saw something on the news several days ago saying that the first online marketing system for livestock in Zimbabwe just came out last month. Now Zimbabweans can now buy and sell cattle online, which has brought farmer with more efficiency to trade animals at an industrial level.

The portal founder, Allister Banks said, “I have over 20 years’ experience in the livestock marketing industry and I know that I am up against a hundred years of tradition. The industry has relied on live cattle auctions but we are saying that does not have to be the case anymore, thanks to improvements in technology.”

Before that, the buyers had to physically go to farms or auctions to purchase livestock, and then transport the livestock on their own. Now they can just put up their cattle for sale on the website through a cellphone. From this case we see similar applications in Kenya about the mobile technology use in banking and business. Likewise, payments are also transferred through mobile payment systems.


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One response to “Online Livestock Marketing in Zimbabwe

  • AmeliaConrad

    I wonder how this new system will affect the most marginalized in these nations. While mobile phones are now widespread in many African nations, they are by no means universal. Many of the most marginalized people do not have access to cell phones, already contributing to their ongoing marginalization. If this new livestock marketing system takes off, how will it affect those without mobile phones? Will it push them even further to the edges of society and the depths of poverty?

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