Pinterest for Education

Although we discussed some of the most basic and widely used ICTs for education during our class presentation, there is another interesting ICT tool that is used by many teachers in the US that may be useful in other areas of the world.  Pinterest is a very new and unique ICT tool that allows people to share links to blogs, images, and various resources available online in an organized way.  People use pinterest to find and organize internet resources that are of interest to them and to share them with their social networks.  Recently, teachers have discovered the amazing benefits of using pinterest.  If you go to pinterest and search for boards entitled “teacher” you will see all of these results. Teachers use pinterest to share teaching methods, lesson plans, multimedia teaching resources, and links to teacher blogs.  This is a unique and interesting use of an ICT to improve the quality of education and skills of teachers through collaboration, communication, democratization of information, and technology.  Now, there are even blog posts on well-known teacher blogs — such as this one on — that provides an overview of how to use pinterest for education, so that teachers who aren’t familiar with pinterest can learn how to take advantage of this new tool.  This new type of collaboration has greatly helped teachers in the U.S., and I wonder if this is an ICT that could be used to improve education and teacher training in the developing world.  Obviously internet penetration and computer access, language barriers, lack of culturally relevant material, and the considerations that are important for any ICT for education project would need to be addressed.  However, this certainly an interesting possibility for the future once the primary technology needs have been addressed.


4 responses to “Pinterest for Education

  • Paige Boetefuer

    oops I accidently just hit edit to this and it reposted. this was my blog from last week in regards to our sector study, but i guess it’s relevant for this week too as we look at social media as one potential area of ICT4D

  • TIM0603

    Yeah Pinterest can be a great platform for education. Actually, many online social networks and tools can be useful for education as long as they are applied and managed accordingly.

  • zgoldmann

    I think this is a great idea. I kind of wonder what other kinds of forums might be used for sharing teaching ideas. Giving teachers access to a place that might aggregate teaching plans.

  • calliemedin

    This is really cool. Using a social network as a medium for information sharing greatly broadens the scope of people who can (and are more likely to) access the info. Pinterest’s user interface is very easy to use and browse – definitely simpler than many information databases.

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