Post Kony 2012, Invisible Children event, MOVE:DC. On November 17th, they will “descend on DC,” in a rally, in order to demand an end to LRA violence. This will be accompanied by a meeting of world leaders that have been invited by Invisible Children to discuss their plans to end LRA violence.

After the blowback from KONY 2012 it appears that Invisible Children is trying to do more than just “attention philanthropy” with this global summit, and the location of the rally it appears that the organization is trying to gain a little more political clout.

Despite the new direction of the organization, I’m still a little skeptical. I think it may take a lot for Invisible Children to get over the bad press that happened during Kony 2012, but the new direction may engage a different support base and that may do some real good.


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One response to “MOVE:DC

  • Miranda

    I think it is great that Invisible Children is trying to do more than just “attention philanthropy.” Unfortunately, though, I had not heard about this Move:DC movement until now. The publicity and bad press of Kony 2012 cannot be removed, making it hard for Invisible Children to move on to bigger and better things. I do hope that Invisible Children ends up making a difference with their cause.

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