NYU’s Use of Social Media – Will It Last?

So, we’ve seen in class how social media had an impact during Hurricane Sandy. Specifically, the NYU Local news page displays an article that discusses NYU’s success in using social media. The real question asked here is will the embrace of social media last post-Hurricane Sandy?

The University website was constantly updated during and after Hurricane Sandy, getting great reviews from the NYU Local. “The University’s website was updated quickly with alerts, cancellation notices and pages for relief donation and volunteer opportunities; so many emails passed through our inboxes that we nearly fulfilled Bloomberg’s recommendation to read a book.” They note that Facebook was used to provide notice to students about school cancellation – the first time that NYU has really taken advantage of their Facebook community. Unfortunately, nobody really noticed the action from the typically dormant Facebook page. The emergency Twitter account (@nyuinfoalert) was used once campus remembered that it existed.

The use of social media during a disaster like this can be very effective if used the right way. This is definitely something that Hurricane Sandy is proving. Because not as many people know about the University Twitter page, many people think that Facebook is more effective. But, this does not seem to be the case. Reaching every kind of NYU student would be virtually impossible. NYU used many different mediums to reach students, making their use of social media during the storm very effective. The staff of the NYU Local just hope that the embrace of social media across campus is a lasting feeling. As we’ve seen in class, social media and communication can go a long way.


2 responses to “NYU’s Use of Social Media – Will It Last?

  • nslondon

    I think going to Tulane gives us a unique perspective on this topic – our school actively uses ICTs to share information with students. We all got regular updates via text message and email during Hurricane Isaac and all updates were posted on Tulane’s emergency website as well. To my knowledge, Tulane didn’t use an official Tulane Twitter or Facebook account, but students immediately posted Tulane’s updates (or their interpretations and/or reactions) on their social media. I myself didn’t receive the official Tulane texts and was able to find information faster using my friends’ posts on Facebook. This goes to show that NYU may not have to personally reach every student to convey necessary information – many of them may see important updates via other people using social media.

  • Miranda

    That’s a great point. Because NYU is so much bigger than Tulane, communication becomes more difficult in this way. Using other people as a tool to see this social media is a definite plus. While Tulane’s social media networks are a little more well-known, NYU could surely work on expanding its knowledge base of the campus Twitter and Facebook.

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