Restaurants in NYC Adopt New ICT Management Technologies

Hurricane Sandy recently caused immense destruction to the eastern seaboard of the US, especially in New York and New Jersey. The epicenter of restaurant culture in the USA, New York City was especially hard hit by the storm. Restaurant owners found themselves reeling from the impact, loosing thousands of tons product, having issues with workers unable to get to their jobs, infrastructure, and loss of power.

During this disaster restaurant owners and managers found themselves reliant on a major ICT technology, their mobile smartphones, to assess, report, and react to destruction and issues that arose from the storm. Although this worked to some extent, many are looking at the storm as a message that they must update and revise their emergency plans. One of the major areas mentioned was figuring out a new line of communication non-reliant on mobile phone towers, which while they did not fail during Sandy, were an area of worry for owners.

While many restaurants may not be able to reopen because of costs and damages experienced by the storm, many will use this as a learning lesson to fix issues that they encountered. The inclusion of new ICTs in managing their restaurants during disasters to avoid loosing revenue and product. One manager, who was running operations over his mobile phone in the gym bathroom, was resolved to create a communication center for emergencies for all of his restaurants.

Click here for the link to the NYT article on NYC restaurant’s managers reactions to Hurricane Sandy destruction.


2 responses to “Restaurants in NYC Adopt New ICT Management Technologies

  • margaretvariano

    This is an interesting point. So often in this class we have talked about the use of pre-existing ICTs during and in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. However, it is interesting to think about the many different ICTs that will emerge in the long-term as a response to disasters.

  • nslondon

    I find this article to be really interesting – personally, when I think of the damage from Hurricane Sandy, what immediately comes to mind are people’s homes and gas stations, because that is what I’ve seen covered most in the news. I’ve read a lot less about small business, such as restaurants. I think ICTs could really help them recover from disasters like Sandy – maybe someone can develop an app or a website where restauranteurs could post places where they can re-stock their kitchens with food, replace their furniture, etc that are up and running after the disaster, similar to the programs developed to help people find the nearest gas stations with power and supply of gas.

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