Tweak the Tweet

Yesterday during class, our guest lecturer, Sara Estes Cohen, mentioned a social media tool called “Tweak the Tweet.” I had never heard of Tweak the Tweet before, so I decided to investigate and find out exactly what it is.  I found this website that explains what it is.

According to this source, Tweet the Tweet is “a hashtag-based syntax to help direct Twitter communications for more efficient data extraction for those communicating about disaster events. Use requires modifications of Tweet messages to make information pieces that refer to #location, #status, #needs, #damage and several other elements of emergency communications more machine readable.”

Click on this link to see a live map of the U.S. with geolocated tweets.  Tweak the Tweet geolocated tweets with hashtags such as #snow #shelter #damage.

Tweak the Tweet utilizes Twitter as a two-way communication channel for information during emergencies, crises, and disasters. This is a great example of how social media can play a role in development, especially in regards to disasters and crises.

2 responses to “Tweak the Tweet

  • pkrause439

    This is extremely interesting. Twitter has definitely been evolving into such a multi-use tool than what it was originally intended for. I think twitter has huge usefulness in the advent, onset, and aftermath of a disaster. It will be interesting to see how the use of twitter as an instant mobile reporting real use tool mixes with its social uses.

  • dlach

    I agree that this application of twitter certainly has a place in future emergency aid efforts. This tool essentially seems like a method for transforming Twitter into a crowdsourcing tool without having the need for a completely new program. It’s future application has a lot of potential and is seemingly only limited by how extensively Twitter itself is used.

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