Is this Guy Crazy…or Could He Be Right?

For years conspiracy theorists like the one in the video above have been derided as crazy for believing the government could spy on them using their own technology. However, there is possibly some evidence to suggest that there are capabilites the government has to use personal technology to spy on ordinary citizens.

For instance, the cababilities of the computer worm stuxnet, which was probably developed by the United States and Israel, prove that governments have enormous capabilities to infiltrate mass numbers of computers.

Also, with the prevalance of video cameras connected to personal computers, it is not impossible for hackers to be able to activate these computer cameras to watch people in their personal settings.  According to the above article from CBS Chicago, spying from a webcamera is not only easy, but a number of people have already begun doing it.  For instace, there is a worry that children can be spied on by pedophiles, attackers, etc.  However, almost anyone can gain this spying tool, since it is generally easy to do.  All they need is to either get the chance to tamper directly with the camera, or can even send a computer virus that gives them this access, just as the government has proved they are capable of doing through Stuxnet.

Although it is highly unlikely that the government is actually doing what this man claims, the potential is there, and we need to be careful to maintain our rights. Otherwise, we may someday be watched more closely than we would care to be.


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