Digital Exhaust

In this article, Todd Papaionnou, CEO of Continuuity, a big data application company, discusses his previous role with Yahoo and the news personalization of the Yahoo homescreen. He defines “digital exhaust” as any input that is sent to the Internet, whether it be via Twitter, Facebook, etc. This data is then organized behind the scenes in order to prevent clogged networks with the vast amount of data that is sent to the Internet every day. Papaionnou suggests the introduction of computerized programs to organize this “digital exhaust” in real-time. This then can be used to organize features such as personalized home pages, as Yahoo has used to determine which images, advertisements, and news appear for each individual user. There is a video at the bottom of the article of Papaionnou explaining how much data processing actually takes place behind the screens that we view.

Check out Continuuity’s Website to learn more about the company and how it works to improve efficiency on the Internet.


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