Thin Client Saves Energy Costs

I just read an article about the application of thin clients at Queen Margaret University as a green ICT case study. In this case, the project team used access to a remote desktop service, leveraging the thin-client infrastructure as an incentive, allowing users to log on from any computer, anywhere, and access all of their files and applications. They had made a successful major changeover of student PCs to thin-client and the remainder of staff PCs were migrated prior to the campus move in summer 2007.

Even though some educational resources such as complex audio editing cannot run on the thin client while the cost of building this infrastructure of thin clients is similar to standard PCs, overall it is a success in the long term because the lasting time of thin clients doubles the standard one and it saves the electricity at a huge amount.

I’m wondering if this idea will be applicable at Tulane. Because I don’t think it is wise to use the Mac computers with huge storage space just for daily browsing at the library. Since once we log out, all the files will be erased. Why do we need 250G for every single computer? Introducing thin clients may be a trend for the college technology advancement.


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3 responses to “Thin Client Saves Energy Costs

  • ewaller11

    I dont know if this would be too widely accepted at Tulane. I think there’s too many things people do on their private computers that would make a system like this unpopular. However, I think this technology would be great for a developing country so that not everyone would need to own their own computer.

    • TIM0603

      That’s true. But for a developing country, thin-clients largely rely on the Internet, which might not be that affordable as it is in the developed countries. Combined with the concept of SaaS, maybe in the future when everything can be done on the cloud and everything personal is on the cloud, thin clients would be more applicable.

  • megstanger

    I didn’t think about the larger Internet reliance of thin clients compared to PCs…Thanks Tim! I also agree with Tim that this technology may be really good for developing countries in the future.

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