India National ICT Resources

Government Resources (1&2)

1) Department of Electronics and Information Technology

This website is in English, and India’s national ICT Policy and Plan can kind of be pieced together by reading various parts of the website. It does not contain publishing dates on the pages, but some of the documents that are uploaded to it have dates attached.

Non-government Resources (3)

1) Tata Computer-Based Functional Literacy Program

This is run by the Indian company Tata. This website contains information about the program and how it is run, and is produced by the program itself

2) Article about Tata Literacy program by Tata 

This article gives a good overall impression of what the Tata Literacy Program does, and plans to do.

3) UNESCO Talking About Tata 

This article gives an overview of what Tata does, and where the organization works as put out by UNESCO

4. It is difficult to find an actual ICT Plan and Policy for India. What is slightly easier is to piece together their overall plan from various pieces of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology website. This is also the most useful government website, and contains a great deal of information (although very few hard numbers), if you are willing to sift through it.


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