ICT4D Class Reflection

I’m not sure how to best organize my thoughts, so here are a few of the positive things I got out of studying ICT4D:

  • One of the perks of being in this class was that it was a nice little reminder of why I became interested in the field of international development. It’s unspeakably refreshing to be surrounded by people who share the same good intentions I like to think I have.
  • I tried things I never thought I would and developed skills I never realized were useful. Writing in this blog and using the class twitter were two activities that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. It gave me a very different perspective on social media, since I was using it in an academic context instead of a personal one.
  • I felt inspired by some of the projects we discussed and I researched. There are no defined upper limits to technological solutions, nor have we ‘run out of’ ways to use existing technologies. Technology that was nearly inconceivable as little as thirty years ago is now mainstream. I can’t begin to imagine what technological advances we’re going to make thirty years from now. To me, it seems like ICT4D, and the entire field of international development to some extent, is a breeding ground for innovation.
  • This was probably one of the few classes that made me take a closer look at other international development practitioners. Reading the blogs of people in the field (for the ICT4$ discussion) was eye-opening because I didn’t realize there was such a strongly established community out there. And it’s all easily accessible to us too, since it’s mostly internet based (it’s ICT4D after all…). The class blog and twitter assignment showed me how easy it is to reach out to these people and start a dialogue with them, which is something I hope to do in the near future.

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